Do you need these instructions?

NO - if you own a mobile device with Android or iOS just go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for the Soko Heli Toolbox application.


This instructions-PDF has still its place though. It holds much more information and trouble shooting than the mobile application. So if you running into troubles or just want to know everything the Soko Kit can do for you have a look in here.


Finally our brief history of head geometry in the appendix is always worth a read.


Download Soko Heli Toolbox


All manuals are provided in PDF format (get the latest PDF reader here).


Click here to download the latest PDF instructions (v2.6, 2017-01-13).


Cliquez ici pour télécharger les instructions en français (v2.1, 2012-11-30).


We are constantly improving our instructions, updating our Soko Heli Toolbox app and adding videos to give you the most precise, easy and fast way to setup your helicopter.




 Version   Date   Changes  
v2.6  2017-01-13 

 • Changed section 4.1.: section numbers are now correct 

v2.5  2015-11-05 

 • Changed section 4.4.: Minor corrections  

v2.4  2015-02-23 

 • Added section 1. & 2.: Soko Heli Toolbox mobile application  

 • Moved head stopper options to appendix  

 • Updated section 4.2.4. Soko Gauge  

 • Minor additions and changes in troubleshootings  

v2.3  2013-11-28 

 • Added section 6.3.: A brief history of head geometry  

 • Added section 5.1.: Setup of servo horns  

 • Added section 6.1.: General FAQ and troubleshooting  

 • Added section 2.1.: Overview of the setup process  

 • Added section 4.6.2.: Re-checking the CoG  

 • Expanded section 2.4.: Helicopter with flybar  

 • Expanded section 4.2.: Setup of swash plate, zero pitch and blade tracking  

 • Expanded section 4.4.: Setup of swash plate at full pitch and pitch consistency  

 • Added troubleshooting to almost all sections  

v2.2  2013-05-20 

 • Added section 5.1.: Setup of tail pitch  

 • Added section 6.1.: Calibrating the Soko Gauge  

 • Added small sections 2.6. and 3.3.1.  

 • Expanded beginning of sections 3.1. and 4.1.  

v2.1  2012-11-30   • Added section 4.6.1. for easy CoG setup  
v2.0  2012-10-30 

 • Merge of advanced and detailed manual  

 • Revised whole manual  


Video instructions


We provide video instructions on our YouTube channel. The Soko Heli Toolbox app and especially the PDF contains a lot more hints, tips and options than the videos. And finally, the app is always up to date.