Tail pitch calculator


Here is an easy way to calculate the tail pitch of a certain tail throw or to setup the tail throw to get a certain tail pitch. All this of course for all helicopters of all sizes and all brands.


For a detailed step by step manual of the procedure and important information about accuracy and the necessity of measuring the tail pitch see the corresponding section in our instructions-PDF.


In short you have to do the following 


First align the tail blades to zero pitch and then arrange them as shown in the picture below (the two blade screws and the tip corners form a rectangle). Use an object with two edges at a right angle (i.e. a ruler). Measure the distances (a) and (b).


How to measure a and b


Move the tail slider to the position you want to know the tail pitch and measure distance (c).


How to measure c


Enter all three values (a, b and c) below and click "calculate pitch" to get the pitch angle of your tail. You can also calculate the distance (c) for a given pitch by entering the pitch and clicking "calculate c".


Tail pitch calculator


The units of (a), (b) and (c) don't matter as long as all the same unit is used for all three.

Don’t get caught up in decimal places of the numbers. Due to the play of each tail mechanic and the possible accuracy of measuring (a) (b) and (c) there is no point of dealing with fractions here.